Save Them Dog Training
Providing Humane Solutions to
Complex Canine Problems
Providing Humane Solutions

To Complex Canine Problems

Every dog is an individual, with individual needs. Generalizations hurt all dogs, whether it's by breed or any other form of generalization. With our focus on high-energy and reactive dogs, dogs that are either close to winding up in an animal shelter or have recently come from a shelter environment, here are a few of the services we offer but everything can be tailored individually to you, your dog, and your collective needs!

Don't see what you need here? Have questions? We can personalize our services to be as individual as your dog and their needs. Email us!

Initial Assessment: $100 at BarkBox, $100 plus travel fees for in-home assessments
All dogs start here! The assessment includes solutions worksheet to follow afterwards which may include additional training, scheduling a meeting with a certified behaviorist, veterinarian visits, or other needs identified during the assessment. To schedule an in-home assessment, since travel fees vary based on location, email To learn more about our BarkBox assessments or to view our calendar and available openings (updated in real time), and book your next appointment all online, right here:

In-Home Training: $75 plus travel fees
Do you have a dog reactive dog? We'll bring an amazingly well-trained and patient dog with us to work on Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) and desensitization techniques! Whatever the issue is, if you need more help in home, we're here for you! Email to schedule your next appointment.

BarkBox Individual Training: $50
Thanks to a partnership with our friends at BarkBox (Bark&Co) we can meet you most weekends to work with your dog in a fantastic, dog-friendly environment where we can work on triggers in a controlled environment, while providing a positive experience outside of your home! Learn more, view our calendar and available openings (updated in real time), and book your next appointment all online, right here:

BarkBox and Mutts&Co Reactive Rover Group Classes: $50
Very popular! Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at Mutts & Co in Upper Arlington, and every other weekend at BarkBox in Columbus! View our calendar and available openings (updated in real time), and book your next appointment all online, right here:

 30-45 minute Skype consult: $40

For distance clients where travel expenses wouldn't be feasible, or for those who have gone through the in-home assessment and want to continue the work on their own, with some support from us as things pop up! A great, cost-effective way to keep the training going after the initial assessment. Email to schedule!@

Intensive, 6 week live in dog rehabilitation for dog reactive dogs: $350/week
Only one  dog is permitted in this program at a time for safety reasons. If you have tried everything you can do to help your dog in home, he or she may benefit from an intesive, six to eight week live-in rehabilitation program. Your dog will come to stay at our house with our dogs (6 personal dogs plus fosters) and learn how to integrate into group play using force-free, Behavior Adjustment Training and decompression techniques that we have written ourselves, published in the Huffington Post (click here to read our work)!

*For individuals on a fixed income or below the poverty level, a sliding scale based on ability to pay the fees above is available. Please contact us for our low-income dog training services before surrendering your dog to the shelter! We WILL work something out! Email us before surrendering your dog to a shelter!