Save Them Dog Training
Providing Humane Solutions to
Complex Canine Problems

For the past decade, I have worked in private and public Humane Societies and Shelters, as both an Executive Director and as an Animal Cruelty Investigator. I have rescued and cared for thousands of dogs in that time, and I have trained hundreds more since then!

My family has been in the dog training business for over 70 years though, going all the way back to the 1950s!

My time with Humane Societies and positive, force-free trainers we hired at the shelter dogs reinforced my own beliefs that training based on dominance, force and pain is NOT the way to train dogs, it is particularly NOT the way to train dogs coming from a shelter environment.

I saw so many dogs come through the shelter who COULD be saved, but they weren't. I saw so many dogs dropped off at shelters that COULD be helped, but they weren't. I pulled so many dogs out of cruelty and neglect situations that COULD be rehabilitated, but they weren't.

I knew I had to do something more than what I was doing to help these dogs. So, I finally joined the family business (not my Dad's business, he is still the successful owner of Obedience Please Dog Training in Pasadena, CA) and started Save Them Dog Training, right here in Central Ohio.

For years, I've rescued dogs at their worst and helped them get to their best. Let me help you, too!

-Steffen Baldwin, Owner
Save Them Dog Training, LLC

About Save Them Dog Training
Providing Humane Solutions to Complex Canine Problems

Dogs are getting in trouble more and more for just being dogs, and Save Them Dog Training, LLC is here to do something about that!

Utilizing science-based techniques from experts in the field such as Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Sophia Yin, and utilizing force-free Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) designed by Grisha Stewart, Save Them Dog Training, LLC is here to help the misunderstood pups. Together, we can SAVE THEM!

(Belle was rescued from a dog fighting situation and it takes her a little while to get used to new dogs. She needs "slow introductions," but with positive reinforcement, the appropriate tools for safety, and time/patience she gets to live a happy and loved life!)

(Leash walking skills are important, but did you ever think that your dog just needed to RUN? It's what most of their bodies were DESIGNED to do for a certain length of time each day. High-energy dogs that don't get the stimulation they need can quickly become "problem dogs" to the untrained eye, and problem dogs are quickly dumped at shelters. Let us help before it gets to that!_